Symptoms of Breast Feeding Health Problems

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Symptoms of Breast Feeding Health Problems

Breast feeding time has been said as one of the special moment to make a bond between the mother and their newborn.


When the mother is a breast feeding her baby, she is not just giving him the breast milk, she is also giving him some of her own body nutrition. Therefore, it is best to have a breast feeding period monitored closely to prevent any difficulties. Behavioral changes of the baby are needed to be carefully monitored. Because, even the slightest changes can be a symptom of even bigger problem. Therefore, if you are aware of these symptoms, you can get help as soon as possible before it is going to severe.

There are several signs of breast feeding problem that you should be aware of. The first signs would be when your baby is still look hungry even after the breast feeding session. This could mean that your breastfeeding latching position may be insufficient, or it could means that your breast does not produce enough breast milk with the proper milk flow pressure.

The second symptom is when your baby has the breast feeding session too short or too long. The short session is when your baby just has his breast feeding up to ten minutes. It could mean that the baby may not be receiving the proper amount of breast milk, and it may cause an exceeded supply of your breast milk. On the other hand, the too long breast feeding session can also be considered as a problem since the water flow of your breast may not be suitable for your baby to have a decent sucking of the milk.

The next problem would be when your baby spends too many hours sleeping. It is difficult to wake him up; therefore, he ends up missing his breastfeeding session. This is definitely is not recommended. Because, not only your baby losing his session of food; your baby is also will get hungry easily. Furthermore, the late session of breastfeeding will also make the breast filled with exceeded milk, therefore, it will feel uncomfortable and even painful.

Another symptom of breast feeding problem is when your baby has difficulties in achieving the weight gain. It cannot fulfill the average weight gain target, which is half up to one ounce a day. It could be caused by the lack of a milk recipient. And in term of digestion, the breast feeding process can also be interrupted if the baby does not produce the normal amount of wet diaper and stools. It can also taking the dark colored urine as one of the important signs.

As for the breast condition, there are also many signs that you should monitor carefully. Including in the symptoms is the sore feeling in the breast, pain feeling when giving breast feed, or even engorgement in your breast. These symptoms need to be watched carefully because it could mean your breast have developed some problems. Therefore, when you can identify the problem early, you can have the treatment sooner as well to prevent any further damage.

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