Netparents’ Editorial Guidelines

We take our commitment to providing high-quality and unbiased business advice seriously. Here’s how we ensure this happens.

Our Editorial Standards

The JustBusiness editorial team is made up of entrepreneurs, financial specialists, bookkeepers, licensed attorneys, and journalists all dedicated to providing small business owners with accurate, trusted, and accessible information that small business owners need.

We produce our content with care and diligence. As an editorial team, we take great pride in producing thoroughly researched content.

Our Product and Service Recommendations

The product and services reviews on JustBusiness are objective, independent, and based on firsthand research or experience with the product.

Some, but not all, of the products and services we review and recommend are JustBusiness’s marketing partners. The terms of our partnerships may affect where a product or offer is seen on our site. In addition, we may earn an affiliate commission when you click on a link, fill out a form, or make a purchase on a partner’s site. However, we’ll never recommend a product or service solely because we earn a commission or other compensation. Everything that we recommend is what our experts believe to be the leading product or service in a category and are the products or services we’d recommend to our family and friends or use ourselves (and often we have!). 

Our Research and Review Process

We dedicate our time to researching the problems, decisions, and opportunities small business owners face daily. We then craft our articles around the topics that are most relevant and pressing to you.

The JustBusiness editorial team spends hours researching and connecting with business owners and experts to gather information. We then distill that research into accurate, actionable, and digestible advice.

Our content then goes through a robust review process. Our in-house team works with financial specialists, certified public accountants, licensed attorneys, and more to review and fact check our content for accuracy.

Keeping Our Content Current

Aside from creating new content, our editorial team strives to keep our existing content up to date. We don’t just publish an article and forget about it. However, at times, information may be different on a product or service provider’s website.

Meet Our Editorial Team

The JustBusiness editorial team spans many disciplines. We carefully vet the experts we bring aboard, making sure they provide the expertise and experience that best serves our small business readers. Get to know the full editorial team here.

Send Us Your Feedback

We strive to have the very best content for small business owners on JustBusiness. But we can always be better. We’d love to hear your feedback, answer questions about our editorial process, or address new topics you want to see on JustBusiness. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team, at