Breastfeeding Change of Pattern and the Symptoms

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Breastfeeding Change of Pattern and the Symptoms

The breastfeeding period is a beautiful moment indeed. It is the perfect time for the baby and the mother to make a bond. However, sometimes there could be a problem resolving in this time.


Although it is not very keen, these problems need to be taken care of immediately. Because, who knows that it could be severe and turn out to affecting other thing aside from the breastfeeding matter. And one way to indicate the problem is by paying attention to your baby pattern of breastfeeding. If you see that he start to lose his appetite, it may a signal of some even greater problem.

There is several reason of the changing pattern for your baby breastfeeding appetite. Some are nothing to worry about, while some other is going to need your more attention. The changing appetite could be caused by the changing taste of the milk or the mother odor. It can happen because of changing food supply or changing of lotion and soap. It can also cause by the changing medications that are taken by the mother or the pregnancies occur to the mother. These are the kind of problems that should have nothing to worry about.

As for the even severe problems, it can occur from the disease dealt by the mother. If this is happening, the mother should definitely check them self to the doctor. If the disease is cured, the breast milk will definitely return to normal. The change of milk taste can also cause by the stress of the mother. If this should happen, have a rest as much as possible and avoid any bad thought to have your milk taste back to normal.

The changing pattern of breastfeeding can also cause by a problem on the baby itself. If the appetite is happening along with fever, cough, diarrhea, or any other symptoms, you should consult with the doctor. Because, it could be your baby who is having an illness. In addition, it could also cause by the decreasing flow of your milk. If this happens gently massaging your breast to make it flow decently.

Spitting or hiccups is normal for any baby. You can minimize it by having a more quite place for breastfeeding and learn a better position. Nevertheless, if you see that your baby is spitting a large amount of milk, especially if the spitting is followed by blood or green fluid, make sure you make an appointment with the doctor. Because it could be worse, and it should be treated immediately.

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